Instead of offering one agent who fills all roles, Tailored uses a team approach where each associate sticks to what they excel at. Rather than working at a high volume, Tailored focuses on a higher level of service for a fewer number of clients. This attention to detail goes hand-in-hand with Tailored’s belief in the strength of a central city. It is our goal to help individuals appreciate Grand Rapids by building a strong community of dedicated, happy residents, thereby improving the quality of life for us, our clients, and our region.

Brad Parisian

P: 616-460-8770

Brad Parisian loves West Michigan. He loves the people, the places, the energy. So much so that he deliberately extracted himself from a successful career in the San Francisco bay area of California to move back to Grand Rapids after a more than five year departure. Crazy you say? Not at all, because Brad realizes the tremendous opportunities that this region has to offer. It is this appreciation for the area that fuels his involvement in Tailored – the motivation to support property values and continue economic growth, the drive to help others find a home here to benefit from all that this part of the world can provide, and to ultimately do his part in supporting the community.

Brad brings forward an extensive business acumen developed during a career of starting and helping to grow businesses. He believes and has proven that professional success is built on a foundation of customer service and satisfaction and that strong business relationships are based on trust and communication.

Brad studied economics and engineering at Grand Valley State University and has a familial background in woodworking and architectural millwork. He and his wife Megan now live with their two children in Heritage Hill.

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