The Team Approach

Many home buyers and home sellers find themselves in an outdated service model where they’re partnered with one agent who is charged with every task involved in the real estate process. Tailored is different. We believe that the team approach is the next level of service (and the future of real estate). Each member of our team focuses only on the area in which they excel, meaning our customers receive a comprehensive experience and the greatest return on investment.

Due Diligence

The most activity occurs in the first two weeks a property is on the market. That’s why our team will never rush a listing. We make sure to spend the appropriate amount of time ascertaining goals and expectations, and providing honest feedback using hard data. Every Tailored home is prepared to garner the maximum possible return before hitting the market.

Professionalism at Every Stage

We refuse to cut corners. Representing your home in the best possible way is the only option for us, and it should be the only option for you. We hire professional photographers to take vivid, accurate images that showcase your house at its top potential. You will never see any low-resolution or camera phone photos on our site. For some properties, we may wish to use a videographer to further allow buyers to explore the listing.

If needed, we also bring in professional stagers. No one is excited about a home when they see messy or half-empty rooms. We make sure potential buyers see a clean, livable environment and can imagine the possibility of moving their family into the space.

We will also employ professional, trusted home inspectors to identify any issues with each home upfront. We’ll resolve the issues before the home goes to the market, avoiding any snags, rushed jobs, or unreasonable demands on the seller. It’s our ultimate goal to provide a smooth, efficient, and pleasant process for both parties in the transaction.

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