Reducing Costs For Our Clients

Posted on: October 6, 2014   |   Posted in: The Cost of Waiting, Uncategorized

We believe that the selection of your real estate advisor should not be accidental, but rather educated and deliberate. At the Tailored Group we are able to reduce costs for our clients with our strategic approach to the process. When most people think about costs in a real estate transaction they mainly think of commissions. However, there are many other costs in this process that often go unforeseen such as:

The Cost of Waiting – Beware of the potential costs of waiting to list, purchase, or make a transition due to rising prices and interest rates.

The “Other” Costs of a Real Estate Transaction

There are also many overlooked costs that you can avoid with our guidance such as:

  • The cost of your time spent chasing information
  • The cost of improper planning or strategy
  • The cost of coming to market unprepared
  • The cost of incorrectly pricing
  • The cost of misrepresenting your property in marketing
  • For most, a real estate transaction will not only be your largest financial contract ever engaged, but also lay the groundwork for your future quality of life. In accordance, your property and its associated transactions need to be handled with an elite level of care and proficiency. Take the time to partner with the professionals who understand this power and will help you traverse this new period in life. Call us at (616) 541-4004.

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